[HAIR] Janesha Bull’s hair interview


Janesha Bull is a youtuber and blogger from Delaware, going by the brand “Just Like You, Just Fabulous.” She encourages, motivate, and  inspire others. Currently at Delaware State University, she sees herself as a black woman working hard towards her dreams. 

THjRyvp61.Why did you decide to go natural?

I decided to go natural because my older sisters had went natural and honestly saw how beautiful their curls were and how much it was growing. My hair had been relaxed and just seemed like it was the same length forever!! So junior year of high school I cut my hair off and never turned back!

2. What is your hair goal?

My hair goal is to for my hair to be past my boobs. Someone’s hair that I absolutely love is my friend, Deyonna. I’ve always loved her hair. Her Instagram is @Deytangled where you can see all of her beautiful hair styles and tutorials.

3. Do you get tired of your hair sometimes and feel like relaxing it?

I absolutely get tired of my hair but I never want to relax my hair ever again. When I get tired of it, that’s when I do protective styles like wigs, braids, locs, etc.

4. How often do you wash your hair?

I wash my hair maybe, once every two or three weeks. It’s such a process I like to really wait it out lol.

5. What are you 3 favorites hair products ?

My three favorite hair products are shea moisture curl enhancing smoothie, eco styler gel, argon or original, it doesn’t matter. And last but not last, shea moisture black Jamaican castor oil Leave in conditioner.

6. Would you go bald for 1000 dollars?

No. Maybe, 10,000 to pay for some school. Peep how I said, some. Lol


Fallow Janesha:

On twitter @janeshabull

on instagram @janeshabull

And do not forget to check  Janesha Bull’s youtube channel

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