The African head-wrap

I decided to write about head-wraps because living in England, I get the same question every time I wear it: “Are you a Muslim”? No, I am not and this post is going to clear it up for you guys.


The head-wrap originated in sub-Saharan Africa. Before everything, it is cultural. Sub Saharan Africa being often sunny, the scarf was a good way to be protected from the sun back in the days.

Also, it is a way to silently tell who you are. The type of cloth you have and the way you tie that piece around your head can let people know your ethnic group, if you are rich, young, married or a widow.

The headwrap for Africans can also be religious indeed. In most religions, it is a sign of self-respect, purity, and modesty.

Did you know that during slavery, White people imposed the wear of head wraps as a badge of enslavement? But It quickly became a symbol for black women’ rebellion.

Finally, the main reason why African women wear the head-wrap nowadays is because they can! And it is pretty! I mean look at this!


Model: Jordane THIONBIANO

Photographer: Madiara

Post by Madiara

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