A crime against humanity

For the past month or so I distanced myself from posting on social media and focused on other life’s strategies, goals etc. Nonetheless, I have decided to weigh in on the Libya slave trade. I have been aware about the trade for many years now, how you may ask?! Well I spend a lot of my free time reading and researching events happening in different parts of the world. Back then it was not televised therefore went unheard of for a long time. It is however important to note that there’s certain people who 1000% are to blame for the state that Libya is in now due to the damage they caused just so they can gain access etc. However that is a discussion for another day.

One thing to note is that today; a perfect dictatorship is masked as a democracy. They give you various options so you think you have a choice but we are all basically stuck in prison, only difference is that ours is without walls. Do not trust the system just because you have nice life, stay woke and wake the others too. The Libyan slave trade isn’t the only f***** bad thing that is currently happening to our people. Earlier this year via WhatsApp broadcast I received a message and the video accompanying this message was recorded by a smuggler who was unaware of the outcome of the so-called workers.

Furthermore, there have long been rumours traveling around about false agencies from China, Korea, Japan and other Asian countries currently opening in Nigeria, Ghana, Congo, South Africa, and in other several African countries. It is said that these agencies promise you to work abroad as a housekeeper and bodyguard in places such as Dubai, Japan, Korea, India and several other countries that are mainly in Asia. The procedures for the papers to leave are the responsibility of these agencies.

Rumours go further saying that these agencies mainly recruit females of African descendant. However, when they get to their destination; it is nothing like what they expected it to be. Horror stories were heard about some of them being killed and having their organs like liver, heart and kidney removed to and sold on the black market. Evidence from World Health Organisation (WHO) shows that 11,000 organs were obtained on the black market in 2010.

This raises questions; is this true? Is it not? Additionally, documentaries like Ross Kemp: Libya get us to question the world we are living in 2017.

Post by Amři Tře


  1. For a long time, Europeans have been alone fighting against immigration ! Since this happened, Africans joined them now ! I wonder if all of this , wasn’t a strategy plan by some European gouvernement ! But anyway, we’ve got our own responsibilities !


  2. Vue l’evolution et le progrès que le monde a connu il est difficile de croire en l’existence de l’esclavage Et le plus ironique des africains esclaves d’autres africains… Je me demande si on est pas au point de l’évolution ou on en revient au stade primitif…


  3. I used to google the word slavery for history homework when I was in school… In 2017 you can buy an IPhone X in the morning and buy a human being at night for less than half the iPhone ‘s price.


  4. I also think we’re in prison but we don’t ignore it. We just prefer to be blind. We can continue to blame our governments or make choice to wake our brothers and sisters up. Someone said that “we weren’t necessarily put in the best position to make the best decisions”.


  5. Il est de mon avis que l’esclavage en 2017 est une réalité ! Pour preuve lorsque dans l’article vous faite référence aux dites agences qui aideraient à trouver des emplois à l’étranger j’ai moi même vue en 2012 une affiche dans un supermarché du nom de Marina market au Burkina Faso qui proposait de recruter des jeunes filles ici au Burkina afin qu’elles aillent travailées en Arabie Saoudite ect… Également il y a eu récemment de nombreuses familles ici aux Burkina qui portèrent plainte contre ces entreprises parceque ces familles ne recevaient plus aucune nouvelle de leurs proches quelques semaines après leurs arrivée dans leurs pays d’accueil. Personnellement j’y croie dure comme fer. Et j’ai bon espoir que pour ce qui en ai du cas de la Libye les élites Africaines trouvent une solution pour résoudre ce problème d’esclavagisme a consonnance plus mercantile que raciale plutôt que de rejeté la faute sur l’Union européenne même si on sait tous qu’au font elle y est impliquée.


  6. Il s’agit d’un véritable crime contre l’humanité entière.le comble est ce silence de nos dirigeants africains face a cette situation. Il ya vraiment a se poser des questions sur ce qui se passe actuellement. Nous ne voyons que la forme mais quel est le fond du problème?


  7. To my humble view i think what is actually happening in lybia is way more than africans being sold by africans
    we are just being brainwashed by these media , they televised what they want us to see .
    , why this trade went unnoticed ? Unheard back then ? why wasnt it televised ? why now ?

    thank you for this beautiful article , looking forward to read an article on the ‘role media play in the world conflicts’


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