Learn about chakras and crystals with Queen Nefersoul

Peace peace, Queen Nefersoul here to align those chakras!


Photo by Tay (@nycnpc on instagram)


One thing we can all agree on as humans is that life can get hard even when you think things are going so beautifully. So how do we live more positive and healthy?

Most of us find a hard time dealing with change and this causes us to live through a victim mentality. We get lead into depression and sadness, criticizing ourselves and becoming insecure. But why do we decide to allow this grey cloud to follow us is the true question or true circumstance that we need to break down and analyze. Our egos hate change and growth so when things seem to not go the way we envision we get upset and hurt. Which it’s okay to feel these emotions as your shadow self has so much to teach you about your lessons, karmic balance and who you are when you are not all glitter and gold. We must learn how to be at peace with both aspects of ourselves, as beauty is in the eye of the beholder. This is a huge step towards creating a more positive lifestyle, accepting all of who you are with no judgement. Then from there if there are characteristics about yourself that you feel does not suit your highest potential then research or seek out a light worker (someone who helps guide spiritual journeys) for advice or their services to help bring you some clarity. They may have many different terms to their healing methods, some terms are; psychic, healer/energy healer, reiki practitioner, akashic record readers, tarot reader etc.

How to live a more positive life?

To live a positive life you must learn how to master your mind, and not allowing your mind to have control over you. You are a spirit inhabiting a body not a body inhabiting a spirit. So we must view ourselves greater than just these bodies. Positive affirmations that you’d like to stick to, correcting negative thoughts in the act can help you reprogram your mind and what you think of yourself and everything around you. It’s not going to be easy at first so don’t get discouraged; remember you are now correcting years of repetitive behavior. You can also get into a more spiritual lifestyle, using the tools that we and our ancestors have used in the past.


Images from the author’s Instagram page

Some of these things being, energy clearing with Sage or Palo Santo, utilizing crystals, binaural beats to move, activate and release energy from your mind body and soul and meditation. Sage is a plant that can be burned to purify a space, the smoke of this plant on a scientific level actually turns negative ions into positive. So you are literally shifting the energy and air of the space you burn the sage in, Palo Santo does exactly the same the difference being Palo Santo is a tree that grows in Peru. Crystals grow naturally out of the earth and its usage goes back to our ancestors. Crystals have a conscience and help aid us along our journey. They all connect to different chakras and organs and can reveal things to you and help move and regulate energy. Binaural beats (find on youtube) help move energy and activate it as sound has an effect on water for example and our bodies are mainly made out of water. Then applying exercise, yoga and a more plant based diet (research Dr Sebi for more info) can truly help increase your wellbeing and intake of minerals, vitamins and oxygen into your body to make it more alkaline, energized and functional. Movement and stretching is essential for the body to operate in a healthy manner. Meditation is when you listen to the universe and analyze your thoughts and life from a higherself perspective. It is not meant to be quiet, but to truly connect with your experiences and make peace and heal yourself. Never get discouraged, Earth is a learning journey; the first step is awareness.

Post by Josie

Photo by @mamacitarose (instagram)

Name: Josie/ Queen nefersoul

Business name: Knispo ( can use either name)

Instagram: (personal) @queen.nefersoul
crystal page: @_knispo_
Youtube: Knispo

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